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  1. 3D打印零件在个别部位会出现轻微层纹或像素纹,涂装前请厚喷水补土进行处理。水补土还可遮蔽紫外线,增加零件耐久度。
  2. 若零件弯曲变形,建议用热水或吹风机加热后矫正。
  3. 若零件表面残留树脂或碎屑,建议用酒精进行清洗。
  4. 3D打印零件相对脆弱,若运输途中发生断裂,请使用502、啫喱胶等瞬间胶粘接。
  5. 透明3D打印件使用前请厚喷3-4层光油,以增强通透感。



  1. 本系列套件内不包含兵人。
  2. 请先用刀片切断零件支撑点,切勿用剪钳直接切断底板,以免底板与零件一同碎裂。
  3. 对于需要拼插的零件,如小比例瓶子,请勿喷涂太厚的漆面以免影响组合。


Tips for using 3D-print parts

  1. Some 3D-print parts may have slight layer patterns or pixel patterns. Please spray primer before using.
  1. If the part is bent and deformed, please use hot water or a hair dryer to heat it and correct it.
  1. If there is residual resin or debris on the surface of the parts, it is recommended to clean them with alcohol.
  1. 3D-print parts are relatively fragile. If they break during transportation, please use CA glue to adhesive.
  1. Before using transparent 3D-print parts, please spray 3-4 layers of varnish to enhance the permeability.


Other Notes

  1. This series does not include figures.
  1. Please cut off the supporting points of the parts with a blade first. Do not cut off the base plate directly with scissors, lest the base plate and the parts break together.
  1. For parts that need to be assembled, such as small bottles, do not spray too much paint to avoid affecting the combination.