LIANG Model is a global hobby model technology company, since 2019.

About us

  • LIANG Model focuses on the research and development of auxiliary tools and models among the forefront of the industry, many kinds of weathering products have become hugely popular around the world. With innovative and bold design, combined with laser cutting, 3D printing, photo etching and other advanced technologies, Liang creates a brand with beauty, practicality in use, and interesting features, which has been unanimously recognized by model funs around the world.

  • Liang Yushen, the founder of LIANG Model, is an architect who has profound design skills and aesthetic cultivation. 

    He has won gold medals at SMC in the Netherlands, the 13th Anniversary of SNYMC in Shanghai, and many other competitions.

    He thinks the advances in technology and tools can bring more fun to modelers around the world.

Model retail stores around the world are welcome to consult and order LIANG model products. Please contact us via email and briefly introduce your company (including store name/website/address and other information). We will reply to your email within 3 working days and provide a price list.



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